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Month: October 2016

Unity3D Certification Courseware Review

Hi everyone! I’ve been prepping for the Unity Certification that I’ll be taking at Unite LA next week. For preparation I decided to work through the Unity Courseware. I received 30-day access to it for “free” when I subscribed to Unity Plus so it was a double win! I figured that I should review it as well so that others know what they’re getting for their money. Please note that I’m sure they’ll be making improvements in the future, so this review may/may not be valid in a few months. You have multiple options to rent the courseware. The cheapest…


New blog!

After years of struggling with Blogger and always being disappointed in its formatting, I’ve finally switched to WordPress. So now everyone¬†can read my posts without their¬†eyes bleeding. I’ve carried over my subscribers, so you should all be getting new blogs right to your email. My favorite change in all of this is the ability to embed code right in the post with beautiful C# syntax highlighting!

Also, the overall look is much more legible. I hope you agree! OK, now I need to get back to studying for my Unity Certification exam next month… As always, thanks for reading…

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Ever have a bright idea and think to yourself “oh, man, this is going to be so much faster”? Well, I do often, and often I find out that I’m a dummy. But that’s OK! We need to learn. So how do you find out your bright idea is as bright as a black hole? Diagnostics. The tool I tend to use most is simply the Stopwatch provided by the System.Diagnostics namespace. It’s pretty simple and provides that much-needed insight to the age-old question: “Is this method better than that method”. In this article I’ll take you through a couple…

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