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Month: November 2016

Saving Data in Unity 3D (Serialization for Beginners)

With games we almost always need to save some data: scores, inventory, progress, preferences, etc. There are many ways to do this in Unity. In this article I’ll take you through a few different ways to save data and hopefully encourage some good habits when structuring your applications for saved data. There are two main levels of persistency for data: Session Data¬†(data doesn’t necessarily need to be remembered the next time you load up the application): This is usually done via static variables and is used for only values that matter for the current session. Most commonly this is for…



Unity 3D Tutorial – Procedural Map Generation – Beginner Level

Procedural Generation is one of the most useful and complex practices in game programming. It’s often difficult to get into because it’s quite abstract which can make it difficult to grasp. It can also be quite time consuming to experiment with and there are many different ways to get the results you want. It’s extremely useful because it can help us to generate nearly endless amounts of content on the fly. It can be used in level designing where you don’t want to generate the levels on the fly, but instead want to predetermine your levels. In this tutorial we’ll…



My Unite LA 2016 Experience

Hi everyone! I’m finally an official Unity Certified Developer! I just returned from the Unite LA conference and a short vacation, and I thought I’d share some of my highlights with you. I decided to go to Unite LA for multiple reasons: I really wanted to be a Unity Certified Developer, going to LA would allow me to meet face to face with one of my best clients, and I was hoping to meet some like-minded developers. Mission accomplished on all fronts! Plus my wife and I were able to have some time to explore LA. This was my first…


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