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Adventures in Alternative App Markets Part 2

This is a continuation of a previous post which can be found here, With Sudoku In Space we tried out many new things. Among them were multiple language support, a bit of paid advertisements, and distribution among various markets. Multiple language support was quite painful, but I think for Spanish it was well worth it as we have had some fair success in Spanish speaking countries. I’m not sure if our popularity in those countries is natural or more due to running a Chartboost campaign in those countries and they have a very low Cost Per Install. Japanese and Korean…

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Adventures in Alternative App Markets

This past month I have been focusing a lot on getting our latest game, Sudoku In Space, on as many app markets as possible. I found this great article on Gamasutra,┬áby Arturs Sosins, detailing his experience and stats for downloads on a variety of Android markets. And I realized we were really missing out on a lot of possible exposure. Unfortunately, our installs have not yet been as many as what Arturs experienced, but his game, Sushi The Fish, is casual-arcade whereas Sudoku In Space is a more niche puzzle game (although we’re trying to push it into the casual…

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Preparing for Game 2 – Learning PHP and MySQL

In order for my next game to be able to save user data and transfer data for turns and chat I’ll need to set up a server and learn how to get data on and off it vial simple HTTP commands. I began my adventure today and will chronicle what I’ve done so others can easily set up a test system. I feel that what I’m trying to do is so basic (send data to be written to a database and retrieve that data) First thing’s first, set up Apache Server. This was pretty easy: download the ZIP for Apache…

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